TOTO toilet reviews

Looking for a market leading manufacturer that produce toilets with all the latest flushing innovations and more? Then TOTO could be a suitable choice.

They include unparalleled designs that are contemporary and make the most of the floor space given to it. Without a doubt, there one piece, skirted styles are beautiful, and usually the ones that we pick for our plumbing projects.

But aside from aesthetics, they are also equipped with reliable flush performance, which isn’t something that can be said of all toilet brands on the market. With plenty of product ranges to choose from such as Drake, Entrada, and Ultramax, it’s not easy to pick the best one for your bathroom. So to help readers out, we’ve researched few of our favorites and described their main selling points below.

TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 Ultramax II

Whilst this may be a option without the concealed trapway, it makes up for it in more ways then one. First of all, the flush mechanism operates on a double cyclone system which produces a powerful flush without needing to consume too much water. They list the flow rate as 1.28 gallons which is impressive and highly efficient. Couple this power with the sanagloss glazing within the bowl and you have a great combination for keeping the bowl clean.

It features an elongated shape bowl which is excellent for user comfort and is taller than your standard toilets, which makes them far more accessible. It’s a bit above what we consider to be the average price range, but you’re paying for quality from a trustworthy brand, and there is plenty of consumer feedback out there to back that up.

TOTO CT418F#01 Aquia

There may come a time where you want to install a toilet which has something unique about it. In our opinion wall hanging options provide just that. The way they float above the floor give them that modern touch many units are lacking, however, it should be noted they do require a bit of extra work in terms of getting a in wall carrier system installed. This usually requires a bit of expertise and can drive consts up.

But aside from those downsides, it really does have some good things within the specification list. Especially the dual flushing system for switching between two performance levels for different types of toilet waste. 1.6 and 0.9 GPF are what’s provided.

However, users should consider they will need to buy the seat separately as it’s not included. Set aside fifty bucks for that purpose.

These two products are great in their own right. They may well be suitable for completely different purposes, but they are certainly among the best toto toilets we’ve come across. Overall, they are an excellent brand and give consumers fantastic value for money.