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plumbing-and-toilet-adviceWelcome to one of the best online resources for everything toilet related.We are a group of certified plumbers with knowledge to share. For people wanting an outline of the main features and specifications of a toilet, we have teamed up with www.thetoiletthrone.com to compile a detailed list for you to use as reference. We shall also be providing easy to follow guides about installation, maintenance, blockages, and much more.

Type – There are three types of toilet that are used in modern households all over the USA. The only real exception to this rule is composting options for recreational vehicles and such. The main three are wall mounted, two piece, and one piece. For people new to the home improvement scene, a wall mounted product may be a little too difficult. There are plenty of things to think about and make sure you get right, including the fact that the tank and carrier system has to be installed inside a wall. Two piece options require you to attach the tank to the bowl, which is an extra task that isn’t strictly necessary when you have one piece toilets available to you. Learn more about the types of toilets here: www.toiletbrains.com

Outlet – Think about where your waste outlet is located before you buy anything. Whilst it’s most probably you will require a floor mounted product, there are also scenarios that flush through the back. Sometimes an upflushing toilet is suitable for basements and other locations beneath the sewage line.

Flush type – The flush mechanism is important. You’ll be bombarded with fancy words and descriptions from brands looking to entice you. However, generally speaking, you have two main ones. These are known as dual flush and single flush. Single flushing systems tend to operate on a trip lever and send one fixed gallon count through the bowl to thoroughly clean it of waste. Alternatively, dual flush options will usually be operated via a button which lets consumers choose between a heavy or light flush. This is a sensible solution manufacturers have come up with to save water when flushing liquid waste.

Efficiency – You get plenty of environmental brands specifically designed to reduce the amount of water consumed. These are known as WaterSense toilets and usually help consumers make up to twenty percent savings compared to your 1.6 GPF models. Anything below 1.28 gallons if what you should be looking for if this is your goal. However, if you’re wanting the best performance, you should stick to heavier, 1.6 GPF flow rates.

Water surface area – For consumers who want as pleasant a bathroom experience as possible, you’ll be wanting to choose something with a larger water surface area at the bottom of the bowl. What this does is help keep bad odors down, making the room smell nicer for longer.

Bowl height – You may have heard of comfort height bowls. These are essentially easy to access, taller toilet bowls that simplify the sitting and standing process. They are a fantastic solution for senior citizens or even people with joint and back issues. They are generally ADA compliant and can often be labelled as right height.

Compact or large – This is a question that needs to be thought about as the answer will define which type of toilet bowl shape you require. For those of you with very limited space in your bathroom, you may wish to consider getting something with a round shaped bowl as it keeps the length limited. However, those blessed with plenty of floor space should look into getting an elongated bowl as it’s designed for user comfort.

Brand name – Now this is something that’s difficult thing for us to recommend. Generally speaking, TOTO, American Standard, Kohler, and Gerber are just a few of the leading names. However, you can’t write off Mansfield, Duravit and several other smaller gems. Each company specializes in different things.

Color – We suggest choosing a color that’s bright and inviting. Something that reflects the sun. So avoid darker colors like grey. The limit for us would be biscuit, but we advise sticking with ivory, bone, cream, or white. The brighter colors can improve a bathroom quite a lot. After all, darker rooms can be quite depressing.

Gloss and glazing –  Ensure your toilet has some kind of glossing and glazing not just inside the bowl, but also the trapway. This will help the flush clean the bowl easier and reduce the build up of unwanted bacteria and germs.

Concealed trapway – Toilets that come with a concealed trapway look great and are far more hygienic than ones that are not. Typically, non skirted options can leave large gaps that are not easy to clean.

Rough in – You rough in is the measurement from a finished wall to your waste outlet. Usually to the middle hold down bolts but this can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Understanding your toilets rough in is very important as it will be the difference between it fitting or not. Twelve inch rough ins are the most common, but you should measure this just in case.